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My Love for You

My love for you, shall never pause,
Strong and determined with all our flaws.
It endures and doesn’t judge,
Never holds a lasting grudge.

Generous, loyal, always kind,
To your outer layer blind.
Surely, opposite of rude,
My beating heart I must include.

On your birthday, my love for you,
From the clouds, a perfect view.
Moments, memories, a year gone by,
I'm here for you, don't you cry.

My love for you, lives by the truth,
Always keeps me, in my youth.
When it sees, our trust and hope,
It climbs and conquers any slope.

Birthday Flowers

Please accept these birthday flowers,
Filled with love, from random showers.
Thought of you, when I picked them out,
Grown and nourished, from a tiny sprout.

Graceful, like a rose in full bloom,
Known as the most, natural perfume.
Beautiful scents remind me of you,
Make you smile, in my soul I just knew.

Beauty surpassed oceans and sky,
One is special; never go dry.
Charming and humble, storms made her strong,
Here by my side, truly belong.

Delivered from the depths of my heart,
Symbols of love, I wish to impart.
Looking at you, everything is clear,
This most beautiful flower, it is you my dear!

Loves Wish

A Birthday wish for my special love,
Message sent by the purest dove.
Wishing you happiness and success,
With eternal love, I must profess.

I celebrate your birth today,
A gorgeous princess you always portray.
Best friends and lovers all in one,
We always have the greatest fun.

I only wish the best for you,
New experiences we will always pursue.
On this special birthday, I’ll hold you tight,
As our flames of love, begin to ignite.

Heart and Soul

A special heart,
From the very start.
Like a work of art,
I set apart.

A precious soul,
Creators goal.
Like a birthday smile,
Please last awhile.

Your heart and soul,
Like a sacred scroll.
Warms my heart,
When we’re apart.
My Birthday Love

I will be your birthday love,
We shall dance, like a gorgeous dove.
Let me fill your day with joy,
Like a child, with a brand new toy.

I will be your birthday love,
We shall watch the stars above.
Let me hold you really tight,
Like a child, with a brand new kite.

I will be your birthday love,
We shall fit like a hand and glove.
Let me ignite this celebration,
Like a child, during graduation.

Today’s Birthday

Happy birthday for today,
You’re kind and clever I must say.
With moments worth a million hugs,
Talks, with coffee in those mugs.

Your heart and values seem so right,
We share our views without a fight.
Our memories live with eyes so true,
Adventures grow in a life’s canoe.

I wish you more than words can say,
That you will never, cease to play.
Happy birthday for today,
I’m here for you, on this special day.

Sweet September

Happy birthday and the sweetest September,
A celebration we shall surely remember.
We know you waited another year,
To bring all of us, together and near.

Happy birthday and the sweetest September,
In our lives, you are a valued member.
You’ve always proudly, stood by our side,
Encouraging words freely provide.

Happy birthday and the sweetest September,
Your heart brings us warmth, like a hot glowing ember.
Thankful for actions, unselfish, and kind,
Most precious memories bring joy to our mind.

Look Inside

Happy birthday you look the same,
A few wrinkles, nothing to shame.
We all lose our external beauty,
Growing internally is our duty.

Happy birthday you look the same,
Time is flying by, who should we blame?
Aging can’t be all that bad,
More experiences, you get to add.

Happy birthday you look the same,
From a distance, I see your flame.
As I look and see your eyes,
Sharp as ever; calm and wise.

21 candles finally are here,
I must admit, I waited all year.
So many obstacles, around tried to steer,
Passion for greatness; truly sincere!

A bit more mature, mind fairly clear,
Path in the making; future career.
Wisdom chooses an open ear,
Your charming smile, people adhere.

Youthfully bold, conquer your fear,
Never hesitate to shed a new tear.
Your beautiful actions, many revere,
A trusting shoulder, always hold near.

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