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qmy site contains quotes and poems all selected from various sources...best of the best

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Welcome to "quotes and Poems". We created this website to provide you quotes and Poems in many categories.

Our objective is to provide you best quotes and Poems available on net.

Some time we are in need of some beautifull words that we think we need to express in form of poems and quotes. Some times we know what we want to say but we cant find words...so here we are to help you out.

Just search for what you need in the categories given and we are sure you will get what you want.

"quotesandpoem" provides an extensive list of quotations which can be quoted in any situation. There are various quotations by some of the renowned authors which have been included in this website. The various categories of quotes can help you express your mind, soul as well as your heart in any of the normal day situations such as to infuse or get confidence into somebody, to apologize or say sorry , to make a new friend or to purpose a girl/boy, or to give somebody an advice or siggestions. You can use these quotes or short sayings to express your ideas more effectively. Check the best quotations website for latest updates on poetry, poems and jokes.

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