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Can't Remember

I wish you something, just can't remember,
Don't be upset, you're my family member.
It was clearly, on my mind,
With so many thoughts, it's hard to find.

Maybe it's simply not that essential,
Please lose that frown, you have so much potential.
On second thought, it might be coming back to me,
Now I know, why those brain pills were free.

Visions appear of colorful balloons,
In the background, I hear those fine tunes.
Near the end of the dream, I can taste a delicious cake,
It must be your birthday, as I awake.

Your Zoo

A birthday should always be a joyous occasion,
Family and friends; obvious invasion.
Duplicate gifts, you don’t even like,
If you complain, might get a strike.

One simple day, placed on display,
Carefully observed, for signs of decay.
Dishonest smiles, they don’t mingle in truth,
As if you were the only, losing your youth.

At such a wise age, everything seems so clear,
Excuse to celebrate, they all came for beer.
Deep down inside, you know that they care,
Your Zoo is unique, normal is rare.

Life’s Journey

It only happens once each year,
Book the train and pack your gear.
Your destination seems unknown,
As you sit there, all alone.

Something internal, in a rush,
Just like the toilet, we usually flush.
Constantly staring at the clock,
Are you waiting for your flock?

Savour the moment, don’t wait for the end,
Nobody knows, if you may extend.
Journey divided into equal parts,
Today is another, we’ll add to the charts.

Your train has left, from the town of birth,
Hopefully located, on planet earth.
The next stop, might seem the same,
It shall reveal, what you became.


Comes around just once each year,
Creates a stunning atmosphere.
A heated party, beginning till end,
The place to be is Disneyland.

Enjoyment and smiles, plentiful and ripe,
Abundant activities, deserving the hype.
Waters edges, they all seem to swarm,
Sandy days, with Sunny and Warm.

Summers birthday, they all wish to join,
She barbeques delicious sirloin.
Do not upset her, she’ll send in the rain,
Random weather cannot explain.

Ageless wonder, since birth we have known,
Temperature rising, statistics have shown.
Share your birthday with Summer our dear,
Through thoughtful actions protect our blue sphere.

Age and Laughter

Happy birthday, you’re not getting old,
Stay in the game, it’s not time to fold.
Wrinkles and grey hair, are just a new look,
Countless experiences, you should write in a book.

A birthday is seldom, a serious occasion,
Try not to take it, like the d-day invasion.
Laughter and jokes are within sight,
Stock up on both, all through the night.

Young at Heart

Happy birthday young at heart,
So many decades, where to start?
With energy, like that pink bunny,
You make us look lazy, that’s not funny!

Never-ending old school ways,
Filled with stories, to Amaze!
Listening has been lost with age,
You belong on theatre stage.

If you manage to forget,
We’ll remind you, don’t you fret.
Happy birthday young at heart,
Smile with joy, you old fart.
Elephant Frown

Today is your birthday, don’t pull your hair,
Look in the mirror, nature was fair.
Not a day over twenty,
I’m kidding! you’re plenty.

Don’t mean to burst your bubble,
But stop asking for trouble.
You know what I mean,
When you drink that caffeine.

What should I bring?
Just give me a ring.
Elephant or Clown?
I knew you would frown.

Kangaroo Birthday Fight

Birthday dream last night,
Kangaroo was in my sight,
Charged with all his might,
Unavoidable boxing fight.

Surprised me with his flight,
Reached, enormous height,
Smiled and revealed his bite,
This created all my fright.

Weakened muscles were too tight,
My chances were truly slight,
Internal resistance to incite,
Grasped, conclusion of polite.

Suddenly, to my true delight,
Victory! A birthday gift was in my sight,
Kangaroo began his flight,
To the rescue came the night

Birthday Antique

You are antique,
We need to tweak,
Start with physique,
Let’s make you a geek,
Or just join a clique,
And become sleek,
What do you seek?
A birthday creek,
With sublime mystique,
Surely unique,
I shouldn’t speak,
Quite often critique,
Courageous or meek,
Today is your peak,
Enjoy the week,
And stick out your cheek!

Careless Birthday

I have known you quite a while,
When you talk, you make me smile.
A special friend, I will probably keep,
If you buy me, a cool jeep.

It’s your birthday, I nearly forgot,
Searched online, bought you squat.
Hope you don’t turn all bitter,
Since you’ve never been a quitter.

I nearly quit, writing this verse,
Mind is blank, it’s a curse.
Soon, your party will be here,
If I wake up, I’ll surely appear.
Childhood Games

On your Birthday, let’s play a game,
Your rolling eyes, perceive it as lame.
Remember when, you were a child,
Soiled playground days, exceptionally wild.

Dodgeball and horse,
Required some Force!
Unique jump-rope rhymes,
Oh, those were the times.

During Hide and Seek,
We knew you would peek.
When Simon would say to touch your nose,
He did mislead, and you learned to oppose.

Snakes and Ladders would never end,
Near the finish, always descend.
Spin the Bottle during early teens,
What was the brand of your ripped up jeans?

On your Birthday, let’s play a game,
I promise you, it might be lame.
Cheer up and smile, never grow old,
Act like a kid, youthfully bold.

I hastily tried to search online,
For the perfect birthday rhyme.
But couldn’t find a suitable poem,
And just decided to make up my own.

You’re cute and cuddly, just like a doll,
I just want to grab your hand and go for a stroll.
Actually just teasing! I think you’re pleasantly mature,
And even find that u’ve got a certain mysterious allure.

Birthdays can sometimes be a little drab, I’m sure,
But can be fixed with laughter, it’s the only cure!
You’re rare and a little eccentric,
An awfully cool friend, for a chick!

I wish you a super fabulous birthday,
And hope there is a hundred more, everyone more special than today
Twiddling my fingers

Twiddling my fingers, don’t know what to write,
Especially as you’re over the horizon & outa sight
What will I do, what can a say………
I guess I can start, with happy birthday!

I tried, but found it a little bit hard,
To find and post you a birthday card.
So a poem instead I decided to write,
And plan to send with love on a magical kite.

Now I’m doing well & is on a roll,
But still feel like a man applying for parole
Wish I could magically transport myself over there
In order to look over the counter, with a shy little stare

This day should be special and end with some flair,
People around you, with party hats that care.
When the clock at twelve will strike,
I better find you singing, as if you had a mike.

The song should be jolly and a little bit gay,
Loud as hell, screaming it’s my birthday!


Today I turned fifty. I feel really good.
My body’s still working quite well thanks. (Touch wood!)
My hair’s not too grey, my wrinkles are few,
I can still touch my toes with my knuckles. (Can you?)
I’m quite full of vigour, just getting ripe.
(But they now print the phone book in much smaller type.)
My hearing’s still good. What’s that you say?
Speak clearly, don’t mumble, your voice wafts away.
Inside this old body I’m still young, but then
If life starts at forty, I’m really just ten.

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